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Goodwill Precision Machinery (Dongguan) Co., Ltd, abbreviation for GPM.

GPM, founded in 2004 with a registered capital of 68 million yuan, is located in Shipai Town, Dongguan, an innovative city of the world's manufacturing center. With an existing workshop area of 100000 m², 900+employees and more than 30% of R&D personnel, it is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on high-end intelligent equipment integration services. Since 2004, it has been deeply cultivated in the field of precision machining industry supporting for 19 years, and diversified and cross-regional group development of various industrial supporting production bases in Dongguan and Suzhou, providing precision parts processing and assembly, image measuring equipment and services, standard lithium battery testing equipment, non-standard automation. It has also set up a Japanese technology research and development and sales center, a German sales center, and an international multilingual industrial service network. It is committed to building a high-tech industrial integrated supporting service enterprise with research, production and marketing, covering high-end markets and industry leaders in China, Europe, the United States, and Japan. We will continue to provide high-quality services to customers in biomedical, semiconductor, robotics, optics, new energy, nuclear power, shipbuilding, marine engineering, aerospace and other fields.

The company has ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 14001, IATF 16949 system certification, the title of high-tech enterprise, and upgraded the title of specialized and special new enterprise in 2022.

The company has gathered a large number of professional and technical personnel and has an excellent management team. Through continuous innovation and R&D, the business has gradually expanded from single high-precision parts processing to the fields of research and development of complete automation equipment and high-end precision manufacturing equipment, and has continued to provide upgrading services for semiconductor equipment and medical devices replaced by localization.

Based on the multi-nationality technology management team and high-end imported hardware equipment group with an average annual average of 20 years, and the strict quality management system implemented by Zhaoheng Group, it has been protected, and has been continuously trusted and praised by industry customers and developed synchronously.